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Energy Drinks in South Korea


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Energy Drinks in South Korea Banner

Energy Drinks have become big business over the past 10 years with companies such as Red Bull becoming huge billion dollar brands. However it’s only in the past few years that South Korea has allowed the sale of energy drinks. In fact back in 2010 Red Bull was still illegal. These days there are a wide range of different options both domestic and imported. Here is a list of what we’ve come across recently;

Energy Drink Korea at the Supermarket

Different Energy Drinks in South Korea

Red Bull

Energy Drink Korea - Red Bull Can

Red Bull is of course the market leader and although not massively promoted in South Korea is it pretty easy to find these days. It’s a little more expensive than other brands but the taste is maybe a little better and familiar.

Monster Energy & Khaos Juice

Energy Drink Korea Monster Energy Green CanEnergy Drink Korea Monster KhaosEnergy Drink Korea Monster Khaos Juice

Monster Energy is well known in the west and maybe Red Bulls biggest rival. Here in Korea it’s popular and nicely…

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Happy Hangeul Day – World’s Greatest Alphabet

The Korean Alphabet Day, known as  in South Korea, and Chosŏn’gŭl Day in North Korea, is a national Korean commemorative day marking the invention and the proclamation of the Korean alphabet (한글; 조선글), the native alphabet of the Korean language, by the 15th century Korean monarch Sejong the Great. It is observed on October 9 in South Korea and on January 15 in North Korea.

훈민정음 언해

훈민정음 언해

Your Body Heat To Power Your Gadgets



Your body is using up energy every second you’re awake. Some of that energy is translated into your muscles moving, and some of it is lost as heat. Researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have developed a wearable strip of material that can easily be woven into clothing and can convert your body heat into usable electric power. A thin strip about 4 inches in length can produce 40mW of power, which isn’t much, but is enough to power a semiconductor chip. Increase the strip to 20in.-40in. and suddenly you’re looking at 2W, which is enough to charge your phones or other electronics. The material is made from fibreglass, which makes it flexible, unlike current ceramic-based thermo-electric solutions. It’s also claimed it has a 14-fold efficiency improvement over other methods. According to Professor Jo Byeong-jin, the lead researcher, this technology could be commercialized within the next 2 to 3 years, pending “issues concerning element integration process optimization and mass-production.”


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Sung Jae gi Han River Suicide

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A man tried to drown himself in the Han River

Three men stand by idly, even took a picture and made a video.

South Korea KBS TV station is being criticized for camerman’s looking on without doing anything.

A Man takes his own life by leaping from a bridge, but KBS cameraman is filming death leap scene.

Their behavior trench closely on madness.

성재기 한강 투신에 kbs는 이러고 있었다. pic.twitter.com/Ncu7CdUzpc
  1. 성재기를 좋아하지 않지만 그의 투신은 당혹스럽다. 그 현장에 카메라 들이대고 취재한 KBS. 경악스럽다. 내가 낸 수신료가 이런 반인륜적 만행에 쓰인단 말인가. 이것이 공영방송인가. pic.twitter.com/tf7VliVAHT
  1. KBS cameraman is shooting a man before jumping to his death from the Mapo Bridge.

    The  public television service can’t do this.

  1. “@steelove77: @actwalk 여기 pic.twitter.com/AwjkG1TGHo” 헐… 성재기 투신 촬영한게 kbs 맞네요. kbs 의 그간의 행태와 더불어 취재 및 보도윤리가 상당히 논란될거 같은데 사장 물러나야할 사안인 듯.
  1. The man, identified by his surname Sung Jae gi, jumped into the Han River. The photo was taken by a stander-by

  2. 성재기씨 투신 할 때 구명조끼라도 입히지않고 주위에서는 뭐 했나? 참 너무도 어이없고 슬픈 일이다 pic.twitter.com/37gy8CMRjO


  1. 남성대표 성재기, 한강 투신 “현재 상태는?” bit.ly/139u1jC 남성연대 대표 성재기가 25일 남성연대 홈페이지를 통해 예고했던대로 26일 한강 다리 위에서 뛰어내렸습니다. pic.twitter.com/yh2o3TaBwN