Seoul Surpasses 100% Broadband Penetration

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Seoul is now, officiallyBroadbandsubscriptionkoreafeb2007, completely wired. Literally, 100% of homes are now connected to broadband according to the Korean government.

 Looking at the table below, clearly, this is due to multiple lines in some households, or a minor blurring of commercial/residential subscriber data. I’ve just received this data from Najin Jun, a graduate student at the University of Delaware, summarizing the Korean government’s latest city-level broadband penetration statistics. Korea is just about the only country I know that publishes this kind of detailed geographic breakdown of residential broadband penetration, and it’s just amazing. As I’ve said before, South Korea (and Seoul in particular) has about a 10-year lead in broadband deployment over the US and much of the rest of the developed world. As always, its still a place worth visiting for insight into broadband culture.

p.s. Isn’t Korean the coolest looking language on earth? It’s also incredibly logical and easy to learn – its the only alphabet that was ever designed, not organically evolved over history.


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