Naver Blog,New UX

Naver’s new blog service Season2 was developed for ultimate freedom of customization, more specialty functions, easier channel to latest technologies.

Presently, there are two main types of blogs available. A web-based hosted blogging service and an installed blog using tool such program like Tattertools and WordPress. When using the web provided blog service, users are limited only to features it provides. Naturally, active bloggers prefer for more ease of use and flexibility, apt to go with blogtool programs over using blog sites.

You can say that Naver’s season2 is a web-based blog service with many advantages of blogging software. For example, users can easily create and express their preferences without having special knowledge of HTML or CSS using Naver’s built-in ‘remote con’, a web page management tool. he remote con functions can be used conveniently right from main page to design basic page layout without having to open separate option settings page.

It’s quite an improvement from previous design where its users had limited choice (layout, title skin, menu/box skin) for designing their own page, receiving rave reviews from the experts. It was made by dynamic CSS and Ajax techniques based on XHTML.


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