Koreans can now pay highway tolls with their mobile phones

Now, we already know you can pay the parking fees using your mobile phone in many cities around the globe. We’ve even seen citizens of London paying congestion charge fees via SMS. And now, thanks to the LG Telecom’s new service called PassON, people of South Korea can pay highway tolls with their mobile phones, thus reducing the time spent at toll gates up to a seventh as well as saving toll both running costs by 23%.

The system is linked to the “high pass” service of the Korea Expressway Corporation and when a car with OnBoard Unit passes toll gates, the toll is automatically subtracted from “high plus card.” To use PassON, Koreans should get the mentioned OnBoard Unit which is linked with the phone using the standard Bluetooth technology…

Nice move, hopefully we’ll see this system implemented in other parts of the world in the near future.



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