Tatter & Company, THE company to watch

Tatter and Company is best known for its blogging tool, Tattertools, the leading blog tool of Korea. FYI this very blog is running on Tattertools, and so are about 360K other blogs (according to the company).

Key products of Tatter and Company are Tattertools and Eolin (Pronounced “Yee-O-Lean”). Part 1 of this blog will cover Tattertools, while Eolin will be profiled in Part 2.

Eolin is not a front-end service, but is a backend data framework for distributing, syndicating, and monetizing UCC (user created content). Major features include sync to portals and search engines, anti-spam, media syndication and group blogging (“guilds”), commerce API to enable social commerce, etc.

Eolin is still pretty much in the cooking, but I’ve been introduced to its concept (which I am not allowed to disclose). Eolin is fantastic, but even without Eolin (that leaves only Tattertools blog tool), the Korean media is already endowing the coveted moniker of Leading Web 2.0 company of Korea” (link in Korean) to this company.


Tattertools is an installed blog tool, comparable to WordPress or Moveable Type. The company will also offer Tistory.com, a web-based hosted blogging service (like Typepad), starting from late May in partnership with Daum (a Korean web portal giant who also owns Lycos).

If you are an English speaking guy, you might say “What’s up with the name?” The guys who initially named this blog tool apparently didn’t know the English word “tatter” often carries negative connotation (as in “The poor boy was in tattered clothes”) but anyhow the brand is now famous in Asian market. Besides, the word sounds the same as Korean phrase meaning “Big Ground (Plaza)”.

So what’s so special about Tattertools blog platform? Firstly, Tattertools provides ultimate freedom of customization. The “skin” (ie. the design of your blog’s facade) is expressed as independent resource files, meaning you can copy/paste and edit your skin right on Dream Weaver. You can play with the looks of your blog at your will, without touching the functional aspects. As a result, there are many sites that do not look like blog sites at all but have in fact been built with Tattertools.

The dashboard (admin page) is dead easy to use and offers very efficient environment for entry composing and media file uploading (pictures, podcasts and videos, etc). You insert a media file clip, and the blog automatically generates flash viewer on your blog so the visitors can play back the media easily. Pinging blog entries to syndication site is one-click away (There’s an AJAXy button on the dashboard.)

Another major advantage of Tattertools is its strong market presence in Asia. The tool is available in major Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) as well as in English. Tattertools blog has also seen its use in some major corporate sites such as Samsung Mobile and Ohmynews, suggesting its high scalability.



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