Virtual Reality Clothing Store Opens in Korea

Technology refinements can give retailers just the competitive edge they need to attract customers.Seeking the latest in the ultimate convenient shopping experience, the i-Fashion Clothing Technology Center at Konkuk University, in partnership with clothing manufacturer FnC Kolon, has developed what it calls the i-Fashion system.With this new technology, a ten-second body scan creates an avatar twin of a shopper saving the person the trouble of trying on clothes in future shopping trips.This first-of-its-kind technology is expected to increase choices for customers and boost clothing sales.

It also keeps track of the clothes a customer tries on so retailers can customize its marketing.

Golfwear retailer Elord has already opened a digital store in Korea and others are expected to pick up the technology.

The service would not be restricted to any particular retailer and is expected to eventually include shoes and accessories.

Other retailers are expected to launch individual customization and ordering services as early as next year.

Photo Link: Here


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