PayPal Mobile

Just like you do online, now you can buy stuff, send money, even donate to charities using your phone. No more driving to stores, braving traffic and crowds, or waiting in line. Use your phone to get what you want, when you want it. And because it’s PayPal, you can count on it being By pressing a few buttons, you can:Send money to a friend’s phone # or email address.
Let’s say you owe a friend for lunch. Instead of paying cash or writing a check, just text or call PayPal. We’ll send your friend a text message or email letting her know she’s received money.Buy cool stuff.
Wherever you are – on a sidewalk, in the bleachers, on a couch – you can make PayPal purchases by sending a text message or while browsing the mobile internet.Donate to charity.
Want to help a worthy cause on the spot, without the hassle of writing and mailing a check? Donate by text. PayPal Mobile makes it easy

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