Are you excited about the 3.5G networks, too?

There are currently three major 3.5G services offered in Korea. HSDPA by SK Telecom, iPlug by KTF, and Wibro by Korea Telecom. (KTF is a mobile carrier company of KT and stands for Korea Telecom Freetel). With 3.5G services, you can basically have broadband connections anywhere in Seoul and some other cities, whether you’re out in the street, riding bus or subway, even playing out at a park. Are we talking “ubiquitous” here? I say “Heck, yeah!”

Today I just ordered a KT Wibro modem. I could’ve chosen other services, but for my personal use, the KT service seemed to be most fit. I’m jumping into a promotion package where I get to try out the service for free for 3 months and pay just $20 for unlimited traffic thereafter. The modem’s getting delivered in about 2 days and I’ll be on, baby.

I’m waiting with much anticipation and excitement. When I get it, I’ll be able to blog on subway, chat in the Seoul City Hall Square, or even watch YouTube’s most viewed video of the day while taking No.2 at a public restroom. Ok, that, I went too far  I’ve read some reviews on KT WiBro and it seems to be awesome.


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