Pepper spray gun disguised as cell phone

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A normal pepper spray is not something that you want to carry around in the open, it simply attracts attention, something that you wish to avoid at any costs in that kind of environment. The alternate is to hide the spray underneath clothes or in a bag or purse. Any of these alternatives might work but then it would take time to remove the spray from its hiding place and use it on the assailant. This takes time, which is a luxury when you are being attacked.A Korean company has come up with an ingenious solution, something innocuous enough to escape attention yet keep you ready in case of any danger. The device is shaped like a birghtly colored clamshell phone and will easily pass off for a phone except if observed minutely. One could carry it around in the open easily. Just pull off the antenna and press the button after holding the handset in the correct position and you will have sprayed the attacker with the spray. Additionally the user can also set the device to emit a loud ringing panic alarm to get help. The cleverly disguised phone weighs only about 40 grams and would cost around 240 USD.

Photo: Here


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