Qbox takes music search to a whole new level

Posted on: Web20asia.com

Qbox is a service that lets users find music embedded on web pages. In Korea, many blog and Cyworld users have background music embedded on their sites. Qbox indexes the metadata regarding which pages contain which embedded songs. So when someone trying to find music types in the song’s title on Qbox music search, Qbox directs the user to the pages that have set the song as background music.

Now Qbox extends their search target to non-Korean sites as well – namely Youtube, Google, Myspace, and Wikipedia. User can enter a song title and see which Myspace or Youtube pages have that song as background music or contain outbound links to that song.

Using Qbox, services like Myspace effectively double up as a free online jukebox. In the mood for the late Luciano Pavaroti? Type in Pavaroti on Qbox, see the list of Myspace sites that have selected Pavaroti as background music, and click to enjoy away license-free music. 

Qbox also offers a set of browser extension, with which users can mark up a specific part of their web pages and embed links to music files. Qbox has many other features too – perhaps it would be best to visit their “quick tour” page here.

Qbox is a brilliant service, a very unique concept that’s been beautifully executed. I think they should have been on the recent Techcrunch 40. But the only concern I have is the license issue – will the music license holders be comfortable with a meta search engine that fiinds music so effectively that it also finds illegally hosted music as well? But then, the bulk of legal responsibility should lie in the person(s) who put up the file illegally in the first place, not the search service provider. Overall, I think Qbox is a clear winner.


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