KTF’s SHOW myPC–another advanced mobile service from Korea

KTF’s SHOW myPC–another advanced mobile service from Korea

According to my previous blog about the Samsung Blackjack phone and the fact that it is serviced by two major mobile network providers, you may also remember KTF’s new mobile service called SHOW myPC? It’s a service that simply allows your mobile to access your PC from anywhere via its 3G network. Of course it’s also possible to access it via the mobile phone’s Wi-Fi feature.


Most people would normally be concerned about the cost if you start to access your PC via mobile phone. Plus downloading live-streaming movie files will create huge packets, which will equal a high cost for your phone bill. Thank God KTF will offer this new advanced service at a flat rate of 7,000 won per month, which is equal to about U$7.20.

This service will allow you to access your PC and be able to view MS Office and .pdf files for business purposes. Also, you don’t have to worry about the memory capacity on your mobile phone since you can get live-streaming MP3/movie files from your PC. You don’t have to put all those files on your limited memory card in your smart phone anymore.

Unfortunately, this service won’t support MS Outlook Express service, so it is aimed mainly at multimedia usage at this stage. (KTF is presently working on an Outlook service.) However, many advanced smart phone users usually start to find out new things you can have through this service, so let’s see what other fun features can be found using this service.

To use this service, you have to install software on your PC and also the smart phone first, and the service request should be applied in advance with the mobile network provider. Here are some of the listed features you can have with this service: File browsing, Favorites, Up/Download, Open Documents, Edit, Image Slideshow, Music and Movie streaming, Find/Search.

Your PC will need to be powered on all the time to enjoy this service, but there are some software applications which allow you to power on your PC via the Internet. This service also includes 500MB of “Webhard”. This will let you upload some of your favorite files without having to power on your PC to use this service. Let’s see if KTF can create a great, new mobile lifestyle with its advanced service of SHOW myPC.



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