Korean Interactive Radios

Posted on: koreacrunch.com

There is another example of broadband effects in Korea. Traditional radios have depended on letters, post cards by listeners who drive a car and work in office or out. In Korea, there were unique listeners such as teenage girls studied in night. As internet users were increased, it has lost powers the conventional media such as newspaper, TV and radio.

But, radio newly changed by internet trends. As you know, korean are good at streaming music by broadband. So internet radio services make own steaming players tuned radio. The KBS has KBS kong broadcasts 7 channels and MBC miniM does 4 channels including AM, FM and DMB.

It is very popular, so MBC mini was downloaded over 1 million times. These are very lightweight and easy to install in PC. Users listen to music from radio in PC and directly request music to disk jockey with message sending function on it. A DJ on studio directly can check user’s message and talk their messages. It’s scene of interactive radio by broadband networks. Another listeners are a Korean resident abroad. KBS announced there are 30 countries connected by KBS Kong software.

A DJ can communicate with listners not by paper letters or phone but by SMS, instant messaging by radio steaming softwares. It’s new culture in era of broadband.


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