WiBro, 와이브로

 WiBro, 와이브로



WiBro (Wireless Broadband, Korean: 와이브로) is a wireless broadband

Internet technology being developed by the Korean telecoms industry. WiBro is the Korean service name for IEEE 802.16e (mobile WiMAX) international standard.

WiBro adapts TDD for duplexing, OFDMA for multiple access and 8.75 MHz as a channel bandwidth. WiBro was devised to overcome the data rate limitation of mobile phones (for example CDMA 1x) and to add mobility to broadband Internet access (for example ADSL or Wireless LAN). In February 2002, the Korean government allocated 100 MHz of electromagnetic spectrum in the 2.3 – 2.4 GHz band, and in late 2004 WiBro Phase 1 was standardized by the TTA of Korea and in late 2005 ITU reflected WiBro as IEEE 802.16e (mobile WiMAX). Two Korean Telco (KT, SKT) launched commercial service in June 2006, and the tariff is around 30 US$.


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