Would you like chips with that? “QR CODE”

Posted on:  Cellsuite.jp

In their ever continuing effort to re-educate the world about the wholesome nutritional value of their produce, McDonalds have taken a step forward in Japan and applied a clever bit of technology to bring the nutritional label into the 21st century.

They clearly have nothing to hide here and will gladly tell you the nutritional information of the cheeseburger you are eating as long as you have your cell phone to hand. Luckily since this is Japan, everyone has their phone to hand, and with a quick scan of the burger wrapping they can connect via the handset and read the online information about the food they are eating.

Each burger now comes equipped with its own QR Code printed on the wrapper, a barcode-like symbol which when scanned with the camera of your cell phone, navigates you to an online site where you can see the amount of calories and fat you are consuming.

This is a good way to utilize a technology which has become almost common place in Japan and it provides a great means for the McDonalds corporation to keep their information up to date without having to do costly printing runs. It is also a nice little marketing tool bringing consumers online to re-enforce their brand image and to promote the ‘healthy’ aspects of their produce.


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