Daum Pie-Naver Mosaic

Posted on: koreacrunch

The Daum Pie is very unique service sharing photos. Someone makes a frame as like puzzle so called “Pie” for specific theme, anyone puts photo to fix in a frames. If every frames are done by people, the Pie completed. So Pie can be called a collaborative photo sharing service. Daum started this site on September 28th, 2005. But, people became to feel fun with another.

Let’s see a completed pie about japanese foods. You just click a photo to see a big image.

There is another example. It’s very popular that 5 people made a photo mosaic for korean idol star, Minhye Cho in August, 8th. There are 3,416 comments and 493,105 view counts in a week. It’s amazing!.

Most of pies contain various photos of famous actors, singers and TV dramas and movies, fashion, sports and funny things. It’s over 140,000 a number of pies made by users for a year. (If a pie contain 50 photos in average, it will be 7 million photos.)

Pie offers three type of frames. A mosaic is very popular and consist of a rectangular lattice cells that can be merged.

The other is photo memo on board with a relay race. Another is a comparative chart for various concept such as confrontation, superiority, inferiority and similarity

It’s very good concept to play together with photos in online. So Naver announced a similar service named Naver Mosaic in July, 2006.



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