Samsung gearing up to manufacture WVGA OLED displays

The South Korean mobile phone manufacturing giant is gearing up to do what no other manufacturer has done before – make OLED display panels with WVGA resolutions. Until now, active matrix OLED displays were limited to a 240 x 320 pixel resolution. But, with PenTile RGB technologies from partner Clairvoyante, Samsung SDI has announced that they will be producing the world’s first VGA-resolution OLED display in widescreen format.

Samsung SDI is planning to use their 3.08-inch (in the diagonal) WVGA OLED panel for any application where “exceptional detail and viewability is required” – basically the mobile phone market. With a thin form-factor and highly efficient power consumption, Samsung is looking to market the PenTile WVGA OLED panel for next-gen handhelds. “Our partnership with Clairvoyante will create a new PenTile OLED panel that will lead the handheld market with a power-efficient, high-resolution OLED panel that supports continued innovation in emerging handheld applications,” said Sung-Chul Kim, Samsung SDI vice president.



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