Better, Faster Connectivity for 2007

Mobile connectivity reaching new speeds

Rapid advances in Internet service technology have produced impressive new mobile communication tools, offering “user on the move” benefits of super-high speed Internet access at normal-speed prices. A wide variety of products are now available — from mobile phones to personal digital assistants, laptops to multi-purpose terminals, each tailored to the user’s personal requirements. Never before have these super speed products been so affordable, thanks largely to large-scale investment from communication service providers, enabling wireless ultra-speed Internet access from most major city areas.

◆ WiBro Terminals appearing everywhere

Little time has been wasted by the nation’s largest fixed-line service provider KT in introducing its full WiBro service, recently launching a new laptop with built-in WiBro chip. Subscribers to the service can get concessions worth W90,000-240,000 (US$41=W932) and reductions on laptop between W1.6 million and 2 million.

The company’s senior vice president Hong Won-pyo said, the service “will answer the prayers of forward-thinking college students, sales reps and online businesses, as it brings a variety of multimedia Internet services including private broadcast and online education.”

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