QR codes extremely popular

According to this survey published by infoPlant, QR codes are very well-known and widely used. One word of caution, however, is that this survey, carried out at the end of August, had the respondents self-selected from a link in the DoCoMo iMode menu system. 7,660 people completed the survey, 5,023 of them women, so naturally one would expect a strong bias in favour of the question.

Note that the QR Code at the head of the story was made for free at the web site here.

Q: Do you know about QR codes (2D barcodes)? (Sample size=7,660)

I’ve used them 73.3%
I know about them, and have a reader feature in my phone, but I haven’t used them 7.6%
I know about them, but don’t have a reader feature in my phone, so I haven’t used them 15.6%
I don’t know about them 3.5%

Looking at the age breakdown, for both males and females almost 90% of the under 20’s use them, but the rate steadily drops down to end up at just about half of all the over 50s.

Q: For those who answered that they used them, in what printed materials have you used QR Codes? (Sample size=5,513)

Business card 5.7%
Newspaper 31.9%
Magazine 84.2%
Advertising flyer 51.1%
Poster 14.2%
Direct mail 25.0%
Mail-order catalog 24.8%
PC web site 20.7%
Other 13.1%

There was no significant differences between the sexes, except for almost two and a half times more women used mail-order catalog QR Codes.

Q: Which of the following QR Code-based services do you want to use? (Sample size=7,660)

Easy phone book registration from a business card, etc 36.8%
Read a URL and access a site 74.3%
Replacement for company identification badge 29.0%
Cashless shopping at vending machines, etc 28.3%
Buying goods written about in magazines 27.7%
Replacement for tickets (concerts, travel passes, etc) 32.5%
Others 5.5%
Don’t want to use 7.4%

Strangely enough, I thought, those who answered in the first question that they didn’t know what QR Codes were didn’t want to use any services at all, on the whole. Almost two-thirds of that group answered “Don’t want to use” to the above question.



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