Cell Phone Facts from “Digital Korea”

Cell Phone Facts from “Digital Korea”

Posted on:  CNN.com/ Asia

– Over 50% of South Koreans have migrated their cell-phone account to 3G

– South Korean youth replace cell phones every 11 months

– 99% of phones sold in South Korea in 2005 were camera phones

– 40% of South Korean youth send SMS text messages in class

– 37% of South Koreans download cell-phone games

· 15% of South Koreans play video games on their cell phones every day

– Over 30% of South Korean students send 100 text messages a day

– 20% of South Korean cell-phone owners use Internet search on their cell phones

– 30% of South Koreans upload pictures from camera phones to social-networking sites

– 42% of South Korean cell-phone owners send picture messages

– Average amount of daily consumption of DMB digital TV on cell phones in South Korea is 129 minutes per day

– 43% of South Koreans use cell-phone-based Internet

– 20% of South Korean DMB cell-phone owners watch digital TV in the car

– 63% of South Korean cell-phone owners use mobile payment

– 25% of all VISA cards in South Korea are provided via cell phone

– 45% of South Koreans buy MP3 files to phones

– 97% of South Koreans buy ring tones

– 45% of all music sold in South Korea is sold to cell phones

– 26% of South Koreans listened to MP3 songs on their cell phones in 2005


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