Coming Soon in Korea: IPTV for PlayStation 3

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Microsoft may be way ahead of Sony with its Xbox Video Marketplace, but the PlayStation 3 is off to a fast start as a TV tuner. First came news that the PS3 would get DVR functionality in Europe, and now comes word that the console wil perform IPTV duties in Korea. Engadget reports (via a translated story from The Korea Times) that starting in November, the PS3 will act as a set-top box for Mega TV, the IPTV service of Korea’s KT telecom operator. No pricing or functionality details have been revealed, according to Engadget—just the partnership itself. Naturally, there’s no word on when U.S.-based IPTV subscribers will get to watch shows on their PS3s. The news comes on the heels of Sony’s recent unveiling of PlayTV, a device that’ll turn European (but not North American, for now) PlayStation 3 consoles into DVRs.

And in the meantime, no word on Microsoft’s big IPTV plans for the Xbox 360. If you recall, Bill Gates rolled out the ambitious TV plans for the console back in January, and so far…nothing. (Gizmodo has a series of screenshots showing how IPTV on the Xbox might look.) There was some talk back in August that the upcoming fall update for the 360 would include a new IPTV blade for the Dashboard, but the rumor mill has fallen silent as of late. And you’d think that Microsoft’s recently unveiled Internet TV for Windows Media Center (a free service that streams movie traiers, news updates, a handful of TV shows, and the like) would be a perfect candidate for Xbox support, but no word on that, either.


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