Yet another “Y-combinator of Korea” opens door

Posted on: ITviewpoint

Neowiz is not as famous or big as Naver or Daum but is actually one of Korean internet powerhouses. Neowiz is most famous for Sayclub, the popular online chatting service, and Pmang, an online gaming portal that offers many games including a hugely popular title, Special Force.

The service name “Onechoo” comes from a Korean internet jargon which is believed to have come from “I want you”. allows user to share shopping experience, ask help from other users about what products to buy, share and talk about one’s wishlists, etc.

Korean people love to buy digital gadgets and other fancy stuff so much that they call their urge to buy stuff as “the descending of Shopping God”. People love to talk about Canon’s high-end DSLRs and other stuff, and there are already big communities formed on certain products or brands.

Neowiz wants to capture this potential to create what it calls a shopping 2.0 service, or a service that effectively combines shopping and community. Featurewise, the service isn’t exactly a game-changer, but Neowiz has so many users across Sayclub and Pmang and therefore the winning strategy would be to successfully leverage the existing Neowiz user base.


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