Decker: Korea One Of The Most Important Markets

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Parents aren’t supposed to play favorites, and Sue Decker, Yahoo’s president, didn’t actively insult any of her company’s various arms.  She did, however, identify as Korea as one of the “most important” markets, and this has some interesting implications.

After all, a Google exec said just five months ago that Korea would play “a very critical role” in his company’s development.  Will the two companies perhaps start a new battle in this country?  We’ve already seen quite a back-and-forth in India, so it wouldn’t be without precedent.

Even leaving that possibility alone, Decker’s comment implies that Yahoo could be planning something big in Korea.  Also, an article on notes, “This is Decker’s first overseas visit since assuming the helm of the U.S. company in June, perhaps suggesting that she puts high emphasis on the Korean market.”

Or maybe this was all just a bit of fluff to celebrate Yahoo Korea’s tenth anniversary – that occasion recently rolled by.  But with the Alibaba IPO, and relatively recent stats demonstrating Yahoo’s lead over Google in Korea, this will continue to be a region worth watching.


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