Japanese cell phone camera usage

How often do you use the camera on your cell phone? graph of japanese statistics

My cell phone camera sees rare use, mostly when wifey borrows it to take pictures of food or me when she’s forgotten her own phone. One use she puts her own camera phone to is taking a photograph of the weather forecast on the television then forwarding it to me. I’m sure there must be better ways of letting me know what the weather will be like, but since we can send mails for free, it works for both of us! To see what the average person gets up to, MyVoice looked at the use of mobile phone still and motion cameras.


Over the first five days of September 2007 13,602 members of the MyVoice internet community successfully completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 54% of the sample was female, 2% in their teens, 17% in their twenties, 40% in their thirties, 27% in their forties, and 14% in their fifties.

Both wifey and I have memory cards for our cell phones; in fact, she has a one gigabyte micro SD card which finds more use as an extra card for our main digital camera, but neither of us use the card for day-to-day storage, only for exporting (never importing!) photographs. Indeed, it would be interesting to find out how other people use their memory cards.

Research results

Q1: Which cell phone service provider do you currently use? If you use more than one, choose the one you use the most. (Sample size=13.602)

DoCoMo 43.2%
au 28.2%
SoftBank 20.7%
Other 0.5%
Don’t have a cell phone (to end of survey) 5.1%

Q2: Do you use the camera on your cell phone to take photos or movies? (Sample size=cell phone owners)

Take photos only 58.5%
Take videos only 0.9%
Take both photos and movies 25.8%
Don’t take either (to end of survey) 10.4%
Don’t know how to use cell phone camera (to end of survey) 0.9%
Don’t have camera feature on cell phone (to end of survey) 3.5%
No answer (to end of survey) 0.0%

Q3: How often do you use the camera on your cell phone? (Sample size=cell phone camera users)

Almost every day 2.8%
Three or four times a week 7.2%
Once or twice a week 21.4%
Few times a month 47.8%
Few times a year 19.2%
Less than that 1.2%
No answer 0.4%

Q4: What do you take photos or movies of? (Sample size=cell phone camera users, multiple answer)

People 73.8%
Scenery 58.5%
Pets, animals 30.6%
Food 26.3%
Furniture, other goods 18.4%
Text from newspapers, magazines, books 12.1%
Buildings, shops 8.2%
Cars, trains, other vehicles 6.3%
Other 9.1%
No answer 1.1%

Q5: What do you do with the photos or movies you take? (Sample size=cell phone camera users, multiple answer)

Attach to mail 51.2%
Use as cell phone wallpaper 46.5%
Use as memo 29.8%
Keep as memorial item, artwork 25.7%
Upload to blog, SNS 16.8%
Print out 9.0%
Use for auctions 4.7%
Use in work presentation, etc 3.2%
Upload to movie sharing site 0.6%
Other 4.0%
Just keep them stored in memory 9.2%
No answer 1.3%

Q6: Do you have an external memory card (microSD, miniSD, SD card, etc) for saving photos or movies? (Sample size=cell phone camera users)

Yes 49.9%
Have card slot, but don’t use it 32.8%
Don’t have card slot 11;2%
Don’t know 4.3%
No answer 1.8%

Q7: Are you satisified with your current cell phone’s camera features and operation? (Sample size=cell phone camera users)

Satisified with features and operation 42.3%
Satisfied with features, dissatisfied with operation 15.1%
Dissatisfied with features, satisfied with operation 19.3%
Dissatisified with features and operation 14.8%
Don’t know 6.8%
No answer 1.6%



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