Wibro-based traffic information streaming service

Posted on:  WebAsia2.0

A Korean LBS (location-based service) company, will stream real-time traffic information via live video streaming for KT Wibro users. Wibro users can browse through live videos sent from 150+ CCTV cameras to find traffic conditions, in a way that allows them to feel as though they were actually on the spot. Given Wibro’s high bandwidth, the video quality would be pretty good, I expect.
I think this is a more useful mobile high-speed internet service than, let’s say, video calling. It’s also a great improvement over the traditional application-based traffic information service. A CCTV traffic information live streaming service has been around for quite some time, but due to the limited bandwidth, the user experience was not as smooth as the Wibro (or other high-speed mobile network)-based service promises to be.

Meanwhile, Chosun Ilbo reports that Korea’s mobile carriers are seeing decreased profits. In the third quarter of this year, Korea’s top 2 mobile carriers, SKT and KTF, saw their profits fell by 29% and 27% respectively, over the same quarter last year. The biggest culprit for the profit decrease was high marketing costs for 3G mobile service. But in the long term strategic pov, the carriers should come up with 3G killer apps, instead of bombarding gobs of money on marketing on their 3G sub-brands.


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