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Another challenge for the search market was active by, Attention search engine. It is based on Onnet that made  Fish, a desktop RSS reader and Egloos, blog service acquired by SK Communications.

It was famous to join some of early search developers, Dr. Younghoon Kim and Dr. Younghwan Cho in Korea. They participated in the development of Naver’s early search engine. As you know, Naver with social and expert database has over 70% market share in search not to be broken by Google and Yahoo. After first challenge of Chutnoon, it is second one with only search engine functions. (The Chutnoon was acquired by Naver in 36.5 million dollars.)

In fact, it focused on blog search ranked by attention degree such as bookmark, vote and involuntary click by users. So it reflects social trends and interests in real time, but Google Pagerank is difficult to do. It collects various attentions from RSS reader, referrer URL and alliance of attention database. They made own algorithm named by “xMind” model to do that.


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