Korean UCC Craze

Link: 관동대학교 영어영문학과 :: Korean UCC Craze

I was thinking about all the UCC hype that was hitting the mainstream in Korea this past summer, and remembered this article tucked away in my to-read list.  It looks like it’s written by ‘Lance’, a Kwandong University student.  Written July/07, with good links to articles/stats in Korean or English.


Source : blog.asiance.com

Key points – mentions Samsung’s partnership with  PandoraTV, Korea’s number one video sharing site.  Samsung released a new cell phone dubbed “UCC폰” (제품명 SCH-B750).  Lance points out how (underdog search portal) Daum is currently trying to create a stir these days by prominently featuring the term UCC all over the front page of their portal. (Aka “Daum UCC World”).  The government is getting in on all this UCC hype too – it seems that  The Ministry of Culture recently had a UCC contest.

in all, good article for those of you interested in reading about how UCC is the latest ‘fever wind’ sweeping Korea!

UCC is all the rage these days. In Korea, 37% of college students watch more than 30 minutes of UCC videos daily and half of Internet users have said they’ve made UCC (UCC is almost synonymous with online video in Korea, but I guess in this case it also includes blog posts).

Seoul Digital City


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