What is Rss

RSS” is about getting live web feeds directly to your computer.

RSS in Plain English

RSS takes the latest headlines from different web sites, and pushes those headlines down to your computer for quick scanning.

The acronym RSS stands for many versions of the same thing.

Really Simple Syndication
Rich Site Summary (RSS 0.91)
RDF Site Summary (RSS 0.9 and 1.0)
Real-time Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0)

In each of the above meanings, the purpose is the same: to have web sites of your choice deliver their latest news directly to your monitor. So instead of having to visit 14 different places to get your weather, sports, favorite photos, latest gossip, or latest political debates, you just go to one screen and see it combined (“aggregated”) into a single window.

The RSS headlines and stories are effectively immediate. Once published at the source server, RSS headlines take only moments to get to your screen.

(Source: netforbeginners.about.com)

There are two main ways that you can keep up to date with the latest news at Waiguoren’s Weblog .

RSS Feed

Subscribe in a reader

For those of you familiar with RSS and News Aggregators you can follow Waiguoren’s Weblog via our RSS feed. Simply add it to your news aggregator and you’ll get notification every time something is published on ProBlogger. Learn More about RSS and how to use it.

Email Subscription
Get Waiguoren’s Weblog delivered by email

If you’re not an RSS user you can get one daily email that gives you any post that has been written on Waiguoren’s Weblog that day. You can unsubsribe from this this service at any point. This service is provided by a third party (Feedburner) and you can subscribe to it by leaving your email address in the following field and following the instructions.

Subscribe to Waiguoren’s Weblog by Email


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