Shocking Photos Show Nurses Abusing Infants

Shocking Photos Show Nurses Abusing Infants
Korea’s active netizens are outraged about shocking pictures posted on a website that show nurses treating newborn children like toys in an obstetrics and gynecology hospital. A nurse identifying herself as Lee, 24, posted on her homepage on Cyworld about 20 photos of women who look like nurses appearing to treat newborn children like objects.

Pictures show a nurse squeezing a newborn’s face with her fingers, putting heart-shaped paper on a newborn’s cheeks, and apparently placing a newborn in a plastic bag.

They also include off-color images of two newborns posed as if they were kissing, holding wooden chopsticks in their mouth and cups of instant noodles on their chest, or newborns wearing doctors’ caps and holding needles.

There are also shots of nurses holding puppies or carrying puppies in their pockets inside the hospital.

Word of the photos spread as Internet users discovered the pictures on Lee’s homepage and then uploaded them to other websites.

Lee’s Cyworld homepage is currently shut down.

Lee said she worked in an obstetrics and gynecology hospital in Daegu but quit last month and has since gone underground.

“It seems my photos have caused some misunderstanding, so I’m quite frightened and scared. I didn’t upload those photos with the intention you believe I had,” she wrote on her homepage. “I’m sorry. I bow my head and ask forgiveness.”

Netizens are up in arms, with several websites flooded with complaints about the pictures. Police with Daegu’s Dongbu Police Station have obtained the photos and are analyzing them to determine whether acts of child abuse took place. Thery are also trying to track down Lee. The Daegu Association of Nurses and other groups are also preparing to find out exactly what took place.

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