A profile of the connectivity in South Korea

South Korea is the most connected country in the world, their network leaps far beyond that of Europe, the Arabic countries, China or the USA. It’s all part of their  vision to create an ”ubiquitous networked world”.

Well, I had to lookup the word ubiquitous, and found out that it means ‘everywhere’. In other words, they strive for an network that is available everywhere. South Koreans are addicted to the internet, they spend more time online then citizens of any other country. They use their network for online banking, gaming, media and socializing. On average, they consume about five times the amount of broadband used in comparison to any other country. 

South Korean citicens are world wide leader in creating social spaces online and they connect back to the real world really well. This merge of online  and offline activities is what makes South Korea, and especially Seoul a valuable place for researches. It is the ideal location to see the development of new social, economic, political and cultural uses of network technology.

For those of you wondering why South Korean’s are connected that much, consider that connectivity is the result for broadband, cheap network access, available everywhere. 88% of Korean mobile phone users subscribed to a 3G plan. The national fiber optic backbone operators experiment with 1000 Mbit connections to households and there is a wireless network based on WiBro technology, Wibro offers unlimited data packs, up to 18.4Mbit for $22 a month. Quite frankly, I would be connected all day long as well!




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