Why Korea Won’t Bite the Apple

6 thoughts on “Why Korea Won’t Bite the Apple”

  1. If the Koreans are so tech savvy; then why did Apple kick their butts at computers, mp3 players and phones? I think they fear Amercian ingenuity & innovation more than we’d like to admit.

  2. Korea pushes back very hard against all sorts of imports. Not only by regulations (as mentioned in the article) but there is strong mind set and pride in Korean made goods. This has helped them become a wealthy nation quickly. To some extent people suffer by not being exposed to ideas and technology from around the world. This is ameliorated somewhat by a lot of copying or near-copying by domestic manufacturers. Hence the Prada and the Omnia. They look nice but they are stuck running windows. Lipstick on a pig.

  3. “LG, for its part, last year actually beat the original iPhone by three months in the race to introduce a touchscreen model, (BusinessWeek.com, 5/1/0 offering the Prada phone, the outcome of LG’s joint efforts with the Italian fashion house.”

    The Apple patents for the iPhone touch-screen interface first appeared in 2003, and were discussed line by line all over the Mac/Apple blogosphere. There can be no doubt that Nokia, Samsung, and LG also downloaded copies of these patents from the US Patent office website. All handset manufacturers have known what Apple was working on since 2003. I believe LG intentionally rushed the Prada into production so the CEO could claim the iPhone “copied” LG.

  4. Sebhelyesfarku, I think what you meant to say was Koreans don’t get the opportunity to buy overhyped crippled US crap. Big difference. Here in the US we get the opportunity to buy all the crap we want… I mean I’ve purchased plenty of Korean underhyped, uncrippled, poorly made, lasts about 3 months crap, that is so cheap I buy another one when that one breaks. But hey, who am I to say anything, I’ve still got a 7 year old iPod that is still kicking(more than I can say for my virtually disposable iRiver…)

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