Voice on Wibro?

  VoIP is a hot potato in communication industry of Korea. Fixed VoIP services already atrracted a lot subscribers, however mobile VoIP is not yet permitted. Recently, JCI, a japanese mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), announced that mobile VoIP service will be provided using DoCoMo’s 3G N/W in Japan.

  In Korea, WiBro is considered as an appropriate mobile network in terms of mobile VoIP. As I mentioned on the former post, there are two operators, KT and SK Telecom, providing WiBro service in Korea. SK Telecom might have no needs for voice service on WiBro, because SK Telecom already provides mobile voice service using CDMA and WCDMA.  However, because KT is a fixed communication operator, KT is trying to expand its business area to mobile communication service. KT has aggresively pushed WiBro service into Korean market. Although KT has attracted 150,000 subscribers for one year, is seems to be very hard to attract more subscribers without voice service on WiBro. However, Korean government allowed that operators can only provide data service through WiBro.

  By the way, Korean Communication Commision, a division of Korean government, announced to start the review about VoIP using WiBro network. In addition, KT announced that VoIP trial service using WiBro will be demonstrated at the OECD conference which will be held in Seoul next month. If VoIP service using WiBro is permitted, it means a direct crash between two biggest Korean operators, KT and SK Telecom. It seems like a night before a storm in Korean communication industry.



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