What’s with Korea and CGM/UCC/UGC?

Posted on asia.cnet.com 

I ran into this LG video contest and wondered what has become of the big “UCC” (User Created Content, the local acronym for Consumer Generated Media) rage that I mentioned in a blog post earlier this year.

Apparently, Koreans still can’t get enough of shooting videos! Lance from Kwadong University has an interesting rundown of some recent initiatives, including a brief coverage of video technology that makes this possible. People who read Korean need only take a quick stop at Daum’s TVPot mainpage to get a sense of the soaring popularity.

Now, if only we could get some real-world stats/metrics from these campaigns. LG and Samsung have both been in the thick of such contests, so if anyone’s listening–please let us know whether UCC campaigns actually work or if they are merely a cause celebre for this year?


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