World IT Show 2008: WiBro Wave 2

Last week the World IT Show 2008 was held at COEX along with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Ministerial Meeting.

Korea Telecom (KT) and SK Telecom’s both dedicated space to demo their WiBro Wave 2 network rollouts. SK Telecom also demonstrated a new IPTV service using WiBro.

KT’s President and CEO Nam Joong-Soo wrote an article for the Korea Times on their WiBro network:

KT is studying how to utilize this network system. Its engineers have been working together with Gyeonggi Province for the use of WiBro in the public sector. The local government of Gyeonggi is to use WiBro for conventions and tourism events to be held in the province. More importantly, officials are considering utilizing the system in fighting crime and fire by issuing WiBro devices to policemen and firemen and monitoring them from a control tower.

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