Mobile Patient Monitoring in Korea

Samsung Electronics Co. has established an internet-based mobile communication system for hospitals which allow doctors and nurses to monitor patients’ conditions with their cell phones, according to the Korea Herald.

The new system has been installed at the recently-opened cancer clinic of Samsung Medical Center in Seoul and is the first hospital in Korea to have a mobile communication solution based on internet protocol technology. It alerts doctors and nurses through WiBro-enabled phones when an irregularity is detected in a patient’s vital signs. It also improves the speed and efficiency of communications among medical staff and patients. (Definitely a step up from those bedside buzzers, which are typically as effective as pedestrian crossing buttons.)

“The system can be applied to other organizations such as schools and public-service institutions,” said Kim Un-seob, an executive at Samsung. Can it alert teachers when students are cheating? A pet owner when their dog leaves the yard? Parents if their kids are lying? Aside from the Nanny state potential, there are a lot of ways it could facilitate every day communications. How about doing away with those overhead pagers for one?

Link Here


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