LG CNS develops IPTV system for hospital patients

LG CNS develops IPTV system for hospital patients

Posted on futurizekorea

LG CNS has developed a new IPTV system for TVs in hospital rooms called “u-Bed IPTV”. LG CNS will start with a 150-bed trial at Kyunghee Medical Center in Seoul.

Along with viewing television and movies, patients will also be able to use the touch screen display to choose meals and order other items from the convenience store. There will also be a wireless keyboard allowing patients to also access the Internet:

LG CNS said that it has installed  the Internet-protocol TV (IPTV) systems for 150 beds at Kyunghee University Medical Center, northeastern Seoul. The personal TV, similar to that of on-seat flight TV screens on international flights, started its operation on Monday

The 15-inch screen is attached to each bed using a flexible cradle, and has a built-in set top box on the rear. Patients can select over 60 free cable and terrestrial channels, or watch pay-per-view movies.


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