Samsung AnyCall Haptic

A serious competitor to the iPhone

Samsung multiplies experiences in the field of telephones tactile interface, but the newest of the firm appears to have achieved a certain maturity.
Responding on behalf of AnyCall Haptic (SCH-W420), it was announced as a serious competitor of the iPhone from Apple.The new Samsung phone, a close cousin of the Samsung SGH-F490, for everyone. A design worked, a thickness of only 12.1mm, an interface neat and attractive technical features. The device is indeed equipped with a touch screen of 3.2 inches, a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0, a receiver TNT, an Internet browser “complete”, and 22 different types of vibration to distinguish his interlocutors. Moreover, it is also possible to drag and drop applications on the homepage, probably for a greater simplicity. Its strength lies in its touch interface which, unlike that of the iPhone, offers a return to the pressure, a widely highlighted in presentations of the show Mobile phones World Congress 2008 in Barcelona.

The phone will cost between 600 and 700 euros (about 1.200$), and it is for the time announced that South Korea.For the hour, the amount of information on this new model are almost non-existent, hence the birth of a certain buzz on the Internet in various forums and specialized sites.

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