YouTube Chief – “We Will Improve in Korea”

The online video site’s founder tells Korea that YouTube’s international perspective gives them the upper hand in the UCC war.

Business managers around the globe must get tired of this dull mantra: “East Asia is the next big market.” However, as this area contains one third of the World’s population, and as Asian markets just keep on growing, the increasingly large disposable income of young Asians means everything to corporate fatcats in US and European offices. The English Premier League is the most popular football league in Asia – so much so that its Chief Executive recently announced plans to “export” games, and have matches played elsewhere – including Asia. Or especially Asia, maybe.

Naver, Daum, Pandora, Mnet, Gom. The sites have evolved in Korea, and have almost exclusively Korean staff. They helped to create the national Internet landscape. Korean versions of hit sites like Google and YouTube seem almost doomed from the outset. It is a Korean instinct to reach for Naver, Daum or Pandora TV, just as the rest of the World cannot function without its YouTubes and Googles. It is entrenched in the national character here, and it will be very hard for outsiders to find a way in at this late stage.

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