ActiveX in Korea

ActiveX in Korea

Three Korean government boards warned yesterday that various banking and shopping sites will not work with Microsoft Vista when it is released next week. The Chosun newspaper says: “The problem is that Vista doesn’t play well with a software program called Active-X that is widely used in Korean Internet sites.” That didn’t make sense to me… Windows is built on ActiveX, and Vista supports it. George Ou at ZDNet supplies a key fact: Korea has homegrown encryption, due to prior US munitions controls, and it appears that many websites each deliver their own ActiveX Control for secure transactions. Recent versions of Windows do impose stricter authentication controls when installing ActiveX Controls onto visitors’ systems, and this may be why the different banks and stores suggest different dates for when they’ll support Vista. It would also explain George’s line “While there are Java and Netscape implementations of SEED, it was almost never implemented”… if the site isn’t relying on a common-protocol transaction capability on their clients’ machines, but instead wants to install their own code onto clients’ machines, then few sites could afford creating Netscape Plugins, Mac support, or platform-neutral code, and they may just each be late in changing their old ActiveX for Vista’s new security requirements. Me, I’d hate it if different stores, banks, or government bureaus each insisted on installing their own software onto my machine, but the browsers themselves didn’t offer sufficient security. Still, shouldn’t other countries be in a similar situation too, then? I’ll try to learn more through the day and add anything I find in comments here.

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