Remarkable Startups I

I want to introduce some of English based web service made by brilliant Korean young startup. If new startup is appeared, I’ll do again with numbers.

FaceWorthy is a social discovery network that allows you to upload photos and gain recognition. Show your best through photos and get people to vote for you. If you collect lots of votes, you get to access special features, and may even earn money.

It is not designed for shy people but here for people who are passionate about expressing themselves and communicating with others. It is for people who have healthy desire to show who they are and get people’s recognition and understanding.

StoryBlender is an online collaborative video production platform where people can work together to “blend” their media for rich, interactive storytelling. Story Blender CEO Hyoung Yong Joon is the original founder of Cyworld, which is South Korea’s first and most popular social networking community.

StoryBlend’s online editing tool lets users create videos by “blending” images, sound, text, and video clips. When users have created new video blends they can then share it with their friends and the StoryBlend community.

MusicShake is a Korea-based online music creation service developed and distributed by SilentMusicBand Corp that provides music composing solutions aimed at the general public without previous musical knowledge or expertise. The service lets users create personalized, professional quality music using various tools and pattern-combination methods.

They hope to meet the growing demand for customized ringtones and personalized music that mobile phone users and Internet users have for adding personalized creativity to their personal blogs, websites and social network pages.

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