Everyone can become broadcaster

Everyone can become broadcaster

South Korean developer introduces Hoopy, a real-time online broadcasting channel

Web users can broadcast video clips to pre-registered audiences from across the world on a real-time basis thanks to a new channel service, called Hooopy.

Shotech, a South Korean developer of online marketing solutions, Tuesday said the venture start-up had launched English-language services of Hooopy.

“Hooopy is a platform that enables users to transmit video clips or digital music files in real time to whoever agrees to receive them in advance,” Shotech President Sho Ryu said.

“In other words, Internet users can become broadcasters with this personalized Web communication services customized for the Web 2.0 era,” Ryu said.

People have to subscribe to the Hooopy site before creating channels, but potential audiences can select any channel without signing-up.

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