Korea develops RFID system to battle counterfeit liquor sales

Along with standard applications like tracking products in the supply chain, the National Tax Service and Pernod Ricard Korea are using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to help combat counterfeit liquor sales:

The tax agency will distribute a dongle, a piece of hardware that connects to mobile phones, to 24 liquor wholesalers, 10 E-Mart discount stores and 100 restaurants and bars nationwide.

Whether or not the whisky is genuine can be checked by reading the RFID on the bottle using the dongle, which transfers the unique verification number of each product to the server of the National Tax Service via wireless Internet.

The Korea Times had a report from July 25, 2007 explaining that the proposed system would have allowed for consumers themselves to check the authenticity of the bottle:

“Starting next year, we plan to recommend local distillers incorporate RFID chips to their 21-year-old whiskey blends,” Assistant Minister of Information and Communication Yang Jun-cheol said.

“Then people will easily be able to check through their cell phones whether or not any whiskey is genuine. Plus, the tag will show other data like the distiller and the production date,” Yang

Thanks to www.futurizekorea.com


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