Mobile CyWorld gets 11 visits a day…from one user!

SK Telecom has announced that user number of “Mobile Cyworld” users has exceeded 1 million, being far ahead of other mobile services like Mobile Daum Café (0.14 million) or Mobile Naver Blog (0.1 million). At the same time the average monthly page view of mobile CyWorld is 350 million which results in the fact that on average a user visits mobile CyWorld eleven times a day or basically once an hour.

65% of the users are female and 50% of the users are between 19-25 years old. Besides writing messages to their friends’ “Minihompy”, sending pictures which have been taken by mobile to their own “Minihompy”. Over a million photos are sent like that monthly resulting in nice data related revenue for SK Telecom. These are usage patterns other MNOs and service providers dream of. Due to age segment specific marketing activities SK Telecom is able to design customized service offerings which add significant value to the customer experience. At the same time it is combined with adequate pricing, e.g. it has a flatrate for usage of mobile CyWorld being very attractive to the younger target group.

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