Korea says, “Goodbye, URL. Hello, Search.”

Korea says, “Goodbye, URL. Hello, Search.”

Yesterday, I came across an interesting article about the the Internet usage stats in Korea in 2008. (As you know, it’s the end-of-the-year time and we’re getting tons of statstical reports summarizing 2008, so it’s good time for TechnoKimchi.)

So, to make it brief, you know that the top 3 traffic sites in Korea are Naver, Daum, and Cyworld. And guess what the top 3 search keywords for 2008 are? Yup. They are Daum, Cyworld, and Naver.

Wait a minute. Am I saying that people don’t type in the URLs for those sites, but search for them to get there? Apparently so. Basically what this means is that Naver is the biggest traffic generator for Daum and Cyworld. It’s like saying “most of Yahoo traffic comes from Google.”

Indeed. Among other top 10 search keywords are gMarket (4), Auction (5) (gMarket and Auction are the top two ebay-like sites in Korea), Kookmin Bank (6), Yahoo (7), Woori Bank (8), and Shinhan Bank (9). Take notice the keyword ranking almost exactly aligns with the the most popular sites in Korea.

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