Merry Christmas to Teachers who have been fired

Recently, some Korean teachers were fired because they were opposed to a new test that the government initiated, Ilje Gosa (one-type test, a nationwide scholastic achievement assessment). It is a test that all students take with the same questions and the same date, so that students can be compared across the country.( Some of them welcome this test so that they or their children or students will acknowledge where they are in their studies. [EN] Others are opposed to it because it will lead to a society of seeking grades for grades’ sake and in the long term schools, students, and parents will be obsessed with scores and rankings) [EN].

Regardless of hot arguments, the government carried out the test and some teachers were opposed to letting their students take the test. Instead of it, they had field trips with their students or some students refused to submit the test papers. Regarding the decision that the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education made to discharge those teachers (compared to the light punishments to teachers who sexually harassed their students and who cheated for their achievements), netizens are enthusiastically discussing this event.

Students who lose their teachers write:

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