“Beauties Chat” panelist goes after netizens.

“Beauties Chat” panelist goes after netizens

Bianca Mobley, a 19-year-old American panelist for KBS TV talk show “Global Beauties Chat,” has asked police to punish Internet users who have downloaded two pictures from her homepage without permission, uploaded them to other sites with defamatory comments written on them.

In one picture, Mobley is seen hugging a man and in the other she is posing as if she is caressing the breasts of another woman. Some internet users uploaded these pictures on other sites and wrote messages calling her “promiscuous,” said the police.

More from the Korea Times. People should be punished for hacking into an email, or into a private blog or website. Not really sure what the standard punishment is in those cases. However, in spite of how malicious Korean netizens can be—I doubt they just called her “promiscuous”—I don’t think we should get into punishing internet users for leaving mean comments on websites.

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