Voice over WiBro: 2009 in Korea.

Voice over WiBro

WiBro, an acronym of Wireless Broadband, is a Wireless technology developed by South Korean telecom industries as an implementation of mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e). Until now, there are only 200,000 subscribers since its launching in 2006.

To trigger its further usage, Korea gov’t bodies for telecom industries, Korea Communication Commission (KCC), has approved Voice over WiBro starting next year. The idea is quite the same with VoIP. Source cited from Korean Insight said:

KT are expected to start mobile network business by itself with its Wibro network. If KT will provide mobile network business with Wibro, the cost will be cheaper than other MNOs’ operating cost. KCC decided to assign the remaining frequency for Wibro, 2360 ~ 2400 MHz, to new operator preferentially. KCC is also considering to assign 2.5 GHz to new Wibro operator. Due to this, Cable TV operator and other company could begin mobile network business through Wibro.

Today, KCC will allow to use 010 access code, mobile phone prefix in Korea, for Wibro operator. That means Wibro operators can provide mobile network service like existing MNOs. If more companies are coming with Wibro network, more various mobile services would be available for Korean customers.

It is not revealed whether this service may be used for local usage or just for international usage. If this service can be used for local usage, there will be more warning to local telecom companies regarding price competition.



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