“hide and seek” of korea netizens before arrest of minerva ?

Netizens showed that in the open web, they would always win at the game of playing hide and seek with the authorities ,but maybe not this time.

Minerva (Korean: 미네르바) is the internet username of a “netizen” who wrote about the Korean economy and the economic policies of the Korean government. Minerva, or person(s) behind that handle, posted articles in Daum Agora from March 2008 to January 2009. Daum Agora is one of the largest internet debate bulletin boards in South Korea.

From Wikipedia


Minerva has successfully predicted major events in Korean economy and was quick to provide solutions both for the government and households. Despite his/her warnings, the Korean government’s economic policies continued to steer the nation’s economy the wrong way, with Minerva becoming one of the most influential critics of the government policies. It was under this background that Minerva became known as “the Internet Economic President”. Among the famous predictions Minerva has made are: the collapse of Lehman Brothers and its potential consequences, and the sharp decline of South Korean currency value against the U.S. dollar at specified time points.[1]


1 29 dec last Minerva Post

2 11 jan Arrest.


According to  Google Insights for Search in last 30 days Web Search Volume windows ie hidden is increasing day after day following the events of  Minerva. This Week +4400%.



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