Korean companies back e-Sports industry

Along with the government, major Korean companies are providing their own support for the growing e-Sports industry. SK Telecom’s chief executive officer Kim Shin-bae is the head of the Korea e-Sports Association and spoke at the recent e-Sports Symposium:

“With the efforts of Pierre de Coubertin, who founded the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Games are a sports event beloved by the whole world,” said Kim.

“I hope people who take part in this inaugural meeting will play decisive roles, like Coubertin did for the Olympics, to take e-sports to the next level,” Kim added.

Korean companies are also sponsoring e-Sports teams to improve their brand and recruit new employees:

What do Samsung Electronics, SK Telecom, KTF, CJ and STX Group have in common? Apart from being well known Korean-listed firms, they all operate their own professional e-sports teams.

Currently, a 12 professional game teams are registered at the Korea e-Sport Association, an organizing body of the nation’s e-sports, and 11 of the teams are managed by local companies, except ACE, which was launched by the Korean Air Force.


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