POSBRO G100 WiMax (4G) gaming device powered by Opera

The world’s first ever-mobile WiMax (4G) gaming device will be powered by Opera. POSBRO, Korean based company has plans to take advantage of the high speeds offered by WiMax as well as Opera 9 for Devices SDK to create a richer and faster web and gaming experience for users of the G100.


The G100 will feature a large 4-inch LCD touchscreen with a slide out game pad. Wireless connectivity includes 2.3 GHz and 2.5 GHz WiMax bands, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Other hardware details are forthcoming.

KT is the carrier of choice to offer the G100 in Korea. If POSBRO follows through as stated, we can expect to see the new WiMax gaming device early this year. The company also stated that the G100 would launch stateside in the beginning of Q4 2008 or late Q1 of 2009. The launch highly depends on Sprint to deliver its WiMax network.

Link Here


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