Naver PC Green: Should all software be offered as a free service?

Posted in Web 2.0 Asia

Naver, Korea’s 800lb gorilla portal, announced in mid-January that they have signed an MOU with Ahn Lab, Korea’s leading anti-virus software company, to integrate Ahn Lab’s security technologies into Naver’s free anti-virus service called PC Green.

Naver PC Green is already being offered as a free service, but it doesn’t have Ahn Lab’s technologies in it.

Being able to use robust anti-virus software for free is clearly a good thing to users. I’m happily using Naver’s PC Green now at my home PC (my work PC is Macbook Pro, not yet supported by PC Green). But the question still remains: How will Ahn Lab, the provider of the technology, be able to make money when nobody pays for the software anymore? Will ads rev share from Naver alone provide sufficient funds to keep the engine rolling at Ahn Lab so the company can continuously innovate?

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